Universal Precautions for Health Communications

Universal Precautions for Health Communications
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Patient communication is critical for ensuring patient compliance, efficient facility scheduling and optimal reimbursement. In particular, low health literacy is recognized as a serious public health problem due to its widespread prevalence and significant impact on health outcomes.  More than 90 million Americans have limited health literacy skills. Healthcare providers tend to overestimate the literacy levels of patients and routinely fail to use clear health communication techniques when interacting with patients. The growth of outpatient care has placed the onus on patients to manage their health appropriately. However, in order to provide optimal care for patients as well as run an efficient facility, healthcare providers must be able to identify and interact with patients with low health literacy, and create appropriate and useful education materials.   This program will provide insight into low health literacy issues and offer best practices to assist in accurately identifying patients who may require alternative education methods to meet their needs.  Registration includes 1.5 hours of Nursing CEU's

November 18, 2014 Live Presentation

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